Enabling Cogmotive Discover & Audit


To enable Discover & Audit you will first need to log in to Cogmotive as an Administrator and click the Profile and Settings link on the left hand navigation menu.

Now click the Discover & Audit tab.

To enable discover & Audit, click the blue button as shown.  This will take you to the Microsoft Office 365 Login page to authenticate your account and enable the application.

Please note: It may take up to 72 hours from when it is enabled for discovery events to arrive within the application.

Sign in with a Global Administrator account when prompted.

If you accept the permissions, click the Accept button.

You will now be re-directed back to the Cogmotive Discover & Audit application where it will check for the permissions to be granted and enable the application.

Once the permissions have been granted you will be able to use the Discover & Audit application.



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