Users by Browser & OS

The Users by Browser & OS report shows which browsers and operating systems are popular amongst your users. When you first view this report, it will display the number of users per OS in a pie chart, split into sub-segments to also show the version numbers. You can filter for a specific OS by selecting from the drop-down menu to the bottom-left of the chart. To switch to display browser information, select the box to the bottom-right of the chart.

The Data Table

The data table lists the user, the operating system, the OS version, the days it has been used and the last accessed date. You can add, remove or re-order these columns to display additional information such as the country in which the user is based.

This report can be filtered, allowing you to generate bespoke reports about the OneDrive activity in a particular Department, Country or any other category you choose.

As with all of the reports, this information can be customized, filtered and scheduled.

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