Granting user access to Cogmotive Reports in Azure Active Directory

If you are using Single Sign-On you will need to grant access to Cogmotive Reports within Azure Active Directory.

Firstly, log in to the Azure Management portal as an Administrator.


Choose the directory you are using for Office 365 and click the Enterprise Applications link in the left navigation menu.


Click All Applications and then select the Office 365 Reports one.


Then select Users and Groups and add the users you wish to grant access to Cogmotive Office 365 Reports.

Click Yes when prompted to acknowledge this change.

To remove a users access simply click on them and click the Remove button at the top.

These users can now log in to Cogmotive Office 365 using Single Sign-On.

Changing User Permissions in Cogmotive Reports

Users who can log in to Cogmotive Reports are given User permissions be default and access to all reports and features.

If you want the newly created user to have Admin rights within Cogmotive Reports, or restrict them to access only a certain sub-set of reports, you will need to configure this within the User Management section of the reporting application.

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