Configuring Cogmotive SharePoint Online reports

This article will explain the process you will need to follow in order to setup Cogmotive SharePoint Online reports. The process will take you through granting the existing Cogmotive service account permissions to read SharePoint data and setting up the Site Collection reports with the Cogmotive application.

Granting access to the Cogmotive Reports Service Account

1. Log into the Office 365 Portal

2. In the navigation pane on the left select Admin > SharePoint

3. Select the Site-Collection that you would like to add into Cogmotive Office 365 Reports and choose Owners > Manage AdministratorsGrantPerm

4. Under ‘Site Collection Administrators’ type in the name of the Cogmotive Reports service account you used when you initially sign up for Cogmotive Office 365 Reports.
N.B. If when you signed up you chose ‘Automatic Signup’ then the service account will be called ‘CogmotiveReports’


5. The permissions should now be applied to the service account, however sometimes issues in the back-end replication can lead to this not always being the case. To confirm that all has been applied correctly on Microsoft's servers, navigate to your site collection's Administrator Management page:


The service account should be listed in the box with the other admins. If it isn't, you can type it in directly on this page.


Adding in your Site Collection

1. Log into Cogmotive Office 365 Reports

2. Under ‘Profile & Settings’, select ‘SharePoint Report’

3. Enter the URL of the Site Collection you granted access to and click ‘Add Site Collection’


4. The Site Collection will show as ‘Pending’. When the initial collection has finished this will show a status as ‘Verified’

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