Give additional users access to Cogmotive Reports

As a Cogmotive Reports administrator you can create additional user accounts for your staff which allow them to log in to the reporting application.

To create a new user account firstly log in to the reporting application as an Administrator.

Now click the User Management link in the left hand navigation menu or at the top of the screen.  This will show you all the users with access to your Reporting applications.

To add a new user, click the Add New User button and fill in the details.

You will need to complete all fields and ensure you have chosen a strong password for the user comprising of a mixure of Capital and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

User Type

You can create two types of users:

Admins: These users can access all reports and features within Cogmotive Reports and make changes to your account.

Users:  These users cannot add or change other user accounts or modify account and billing settings.  You can also restrict these user types to only access certain types of reports.

Once you have clicked the Add User button they will appear in the list.

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