How do I purchase Cogmotive's products?

Before you can purchase any of Cogmotive's products, you will need to sign up to the free trial.  To sign up for your trial, follow these instructions.

Once you’ve completed the trial sign up, if you wish to purchase Office 365 Reports, and you have less than 1,500 licenced users you can pay online by clicking the Upgrade Now button at the top of the Navigation menu when logged in to your Cogmotive account.

This will take you to a screen where you can purchase an annual or monthly subscription, depending on your preference.

By signing up for an annual subscription you can save 10% per year than if you pay monthly.

Over 1,500 mailboxes

If you have over 1,500 licenced users in your Office 365 tenant you can click the Upgrade Now button above the Navigation Menu.

You will then see the Price Enquiry form.  


Please fill out the form and a member of our Sales Team will get in touch with a tailored quote for your environment. 

Can't pay by credit card?

If you can't pay by credit card, contact us and we will send you a quote for an annual subscription.

You will be able to go through your company's normal purchasing process and either have an authorised person sign the quote to authorise the purchase, or send us a purchase order.  

We will then issue you with an Invoice that you can pay via Credit Card, Bank/Wire Transfer or Check.  

Are you a Government, Not-For-Profit or Educational customer?

You are then eligible for an additional discount.  Please contact our Sales Team for more information.

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